Bathroom And Kitchen Renovations Ideas

09 Apr

A property, in whatever condition it is, is always an investment. Leaving it abandoned to itself in the hope that someone, sooner or later, will want to buy it or rent it is a mistake. Both because the expenses continue to exist (taxes, maintenance, condominium …), and because with the passage of time and the worsening of its condition, the house would lose more and more value, becoming less attractive on the market.

If the property is dated or not in excellent condition, it is worth thinking about at least a partial renovation or a renewal of the most functional parts, such as the bathroom and kitchen.

Bathroom and kitchen renovations ideas without works

Change the tiles without tiling

An example of dry work to change coatings and finishes is the use of OSB coatings, made up of a kind of boards that are joined together forming layers with the help of synthetic glue. The use of laminate floors is also a good option to reform the bathroom and kitchen. Today there are very resistant and special models for these areas capable of withstanding humidity and shocks.

Paint the tiles

If you are looking for quick and low-cost solutions, a good trick is to choose to paint the kitchen and bathroom tiles. You can find special paints and specific enamels perfect for this type of work, whether in bathrooms or kitchens. They exist in a wide variety of colours, which can be in a glossy, satin or matte finish. To achieve a professional result it is necessary to paint the joint space between tiles.

Change the countertop

Changing the kitchen countertop completely modifies the appearance of it. It is best to opt for better quality models, such as Silestone or natural stone, which may be more expensive but are much more resistant and durable. The price of the Silestone is $50 to $100 per square foot. Many customers choose to use the same countertop that is bought in the kitchen to also modernize the furniture in the bathroom. This reduces costs since the same part is purchased.

Water-repellent plasterboard constructions

The waterproof plasterboard is specially designed to dress the walls of bathrooms and kitchens. This type of plasterboard perfectly withstands humidity due to its excellent ability to prevent absorption, which makes it perfect for the dry renovation of the bathroom. The water-repellent plasterboard allows you to create a separate space for the shower, a personalised piece of furniture or even some shelves to place bathroom linen. It is also used on ceilings, to create a false ceiling or as an anti-humidity coating.

Steps to follow in the bathroom and kitchen renovations

1. Planning of the reform: Achieving an optimal bathroom or kitchen reform involves proper planning. It is important to know what is required, the lead times and the approximate cost. The best thing is to opt for designs that elegantly outgrow the passage of time.

2. Kitchen and bathroom budget: The next step will be to request several quotes from different professionals in the reform sector. In this way, it is easier to buy prices and services. The ideal is not to opt for the cheapest but for the one that demonstrates the adequate experience to carry out the reform that is sought.

3. Management of building licenses: An important aspect of any reform is to have the necessary building permits and licenses. Whenever the changes are structural, a major work permit will be required. For example, if you want to move the kitchen from one area of the house to another, this will be the permit that will be needed. If demolition is to be carried out, it will be necessary to obtain permission to remove the rubble. These types of licenses must be processed at the town hall in question.

4. Execution of the renovations: Once these first steps have been completed, it will be time to begin the reform. The execution time will vary considerably depending on the difficulty of the work. For example, a complete renovation of a bathroom can take approximately 4 days. While the kitchen can easily overcome the week and even 15 days.

Advantages of renovating the kitchen and the bathroom at the same time

  • Order materials at one time: By doing a joint reform of the bathroom and the kitchen, it is possible to save both shipping and management costs, and of course, it saves time. Also, if certain materials are shared, such as the countertop, the price will be lower. For this reason, it is essential to carry out adequate planning, in which the professional must foresee what materials and tools will be necessary for the reform. In general, it is the same renovation professional who is responsible for providing the necessary materials.
  • Get a more adjusted price: Often, if a renovation professional receives two orders from the same client and at the same time, he usually makes much more adjusted prices to help the client to undertake both works at the same time. In addition, the materials are much cheaper for him when buying them on a larger scale. Therefore, reforming the kitchen and the bathroom at the same time represents an economic saving.
  • Causeless discomfort: Since both works are carried out in one go, which avoids inconvenience to the inhabitants and neighbours, both from noise and from occupation and traffic in common areas, such as stairs and landings in the case of community buildings. When it comes to a single-family home, it also reduces the time during which the inhabitants have to live with the renovation workers.
  • Save on clearing costs: When carrying out a reform it is necessary to pay some cleaning and debris costs once it has been completed; and in some cases, a public road occupancy

license must be paid to place the rubble containers. By reforming the kitchen and bathroom at the same time, these types of expenses can be shared, such as the cleaning service and the rental of containers.

Why hire a pro to renovate the bathroom and kitchen?

We use the bathroom and kitchen every day, and when work is necessary, it is better that it does not last forever. Site monitoring then requires a lot of organisation, to ensure perfect coordination between the various stakeholders and compliance with the often very tight schedule. All work performed by a professional is subject to a so-called ten-year guarantee. This allows, within 10 years following the delivery of a site, to protect the client in the event of poor workmanship or construction defects. This is not the case if you choose to do the work yourself. Thus, if a problem were to appear, once the renovation of your bathroom is completed, you would be solely responsible.

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