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Liven Up the Living Room with These Design Ideas

Need to give your living room a new look but have no idea where to start? Below are some factors to consider before you settle on a design style.

Choose your Style

If you do not have a design idea for your living room, you can get inspiration from interior design blogs, magazines or websites. Generally interior design ideas can be categorised into two main ideas: modern and contemporary.

Contemporary designs are trendy and are in style at any current moment while modern designs have a specific geometrical, clean-lined style.

Contemporary designed living rooms are quiet, welcoming and peaceful and allow you to go bold using unique and individual furniture.

Modern designs focus on function and use minimal accessories. Modern designs use neutral colours, minimal textures and polished finishes. When properly planned a modern style can enhance a sense of calmness and simplicity to your living room.

Get Rid of Clutter

Get rid of all the messy and unwanted items in the living room. You can sell all the items and furniture that you do not need in a yard sale and use the extra money to help you redecorate your room.

Coordinate the colours, make sure that the colour scheme that you settle for is in harmony. Work on matching your furniture with these colours. Whether you settle for bright or restful colours, make sure they complement each other.

Organise a Focal Point

This is most often the fireplace. If you have an ugly fireplace, you can replace it with something more elegant like a black cast iron wood-burning stove. If you don’t have a fire place, you can create a mock up by adding a timber fire surround and painting black where the fire would go. 

Display your Collection

Nice carpets, furniture and walls only announce that you are a person of great taste. You need to give some life to your living room by adding personalised items such as your painting or artwork collection, a couch blanket that was probably a gift from your mother or a flower vase that you got from one of your friends.

Display your collection and treasures but be careful not to overdo it and make your living room look like a junk yard.

Level of Activity in the Living Room

If you have too many activities taking place in this room, you can choose a design that can ensure that those activities will be carried out comfortably. With high levels of activities, it means that the traffic is also high. Choose a style that will arrange the traffic flow efficiently.

If you wish to reduce the traffic flow to this room, you can remove things like the computer and take it to another room or use other rooms to carry out any other activity that you think will reduce traffic. For high traffic efficiency, make sure that you leave room behind the sofas so people do not always have to walk in the middle of the room.

Organise Storage Areas

These are the areas where your books, DVDs and television. You can decide to store these items in a different room or organise them neatly in the living room. If you do decide to organise them, this means that you will have to incorporate the storage concept in your design style. Be sure to choose a design style that will complement the storage concept.

Lighting Intensity

This means your design style will depend on whether you want a bright or a not-so-bright room. Various lighting techniques include; ambient, accent, silhouette and grazing. Ambient lighting is soft and diffuses to fill a room. It creates openness, is comfortable and reduces shadows.

With accent lighting, you need to determine where to place items that need attention such as paintings, art pieces or flower arrangement.

Silhouette lighting creates interest by shining light on the wall behind the object that you want to stand out.

Grazing lighting highlights texture by passing a beam of light that runs from top to bottom.

Whichever interior design you decide to settle on, make sure it also complements your lighting concepts. You can visit websites or read blogs on interior design ideas that complement the lighting concepts that you want.

Final Thoughts 

It’s easy to design your living room if you know what you want and the theme that you want to point out with the design style. With many design styles to choose from, you can narrow down to one choice by asking yourself this question: Between modern and contemporary designs, which best describes your personality?

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